Shannon J Ross
Creative Director



August 25th, 2018 marked 20 years since The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was released. This album made an imprint in hip hop and the entire music industry—being sampled many times and influencing several generations of listeners and artists alike. That’s why to celebrate Ms. Hill’s iconic work of art, we invited people to tell us how much the album meant to them on After receiving over 2,000 submissions, we turned the testimonies into a paper art installation and exhibit. The space was a true symbol of Ms. Hill’s lessons on love, Black pride, tribulation, and growth—and a token of gratitude of the wisdom bestowed on the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

Platform: Experiential/Social/OOH/

ACD Art: Shannon Ross

ACD Copy: Kenia Perez

Producer: Cynthia Angel

Paper Sculptor: Jeff Nishinaka